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Notice of AGM and Posting of Proxies


Notice of AGM and Posting of Proxies 2019

Creat Resources Holdings Limited ABN 43 089 093 943 Creat Resources Holdings Limited (ACN 089 093 943) NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEE..

Notice of Results 2018 AGM

30 November 2018 Creat Resources Holdings Limited ("CRHL" or "the Company") Result of Annual General Meeting Creat Resources Hold..

About the Company
Creat Resources Holdings Limited

Initially incorporated in Tasmania, Australia in 1999 and trading as Zeehan Zinc Limited, Creat Resources Holdings Limited is a mineral, exploration, development and investment company.

The Directors of the Company believe there are a variety of attractive transactions in the Market given the current global financial climate. They believe it would be advantageous for the Company to proceed with acquisitions and other transactions that result in the expansion of operations, both nationally and internationally, together with resource diversification including, but not limited to, high value commodities in order to spread the risk of commodity fluctuations and take advantage of the deals on offer.

The Company has historically pursued a strategy of exploration and mining with a view to process and sell commercial quantities of zinc, lead and silver. The Company now seeks to adopt a dual focus of continued investment either directly in projects or indirectly through corporate acquisitions as opportunities present themselves.


Creat Group

Founded in 1992, Creat Group has become firmly established as one of China’s earliest and most highly-regarded equity investment groups. Over nearly two decades, the group has developed a comprehensive investment portfolio across a range of sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, financial services, mineral resources, real estate, and healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Creat Group’s record of consistent growth has seen total assets under management increase from RMB 50,000 at inception to about RMB 6 billion by the end of 2009, with a respectable internal rate of return (IRR) which is comparable to many good investment firms in the marketplace.

Creat Group's main offices are in Beijing and Shanghai, with subsidiary operations in the Chinese provinces of Jiangxi, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, and Liaoning, as well as in Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. With over 100 employees in the Group, there are some 5000 jobs filled with investee companies.

Many of Creat Group's investee companies have since established themselves as industry leaders. They include Shanghai-listed HenNan Pinggao Electric, China’s largest manufacturer of high-voltage switchgear, Shanghai RAAS, Asia’s leading supplier of blood products, and Andre Juice, one of the world’s biggest producers of concentrated apple juice.

Creat Group is a substantial interest holder of Creat Resources Holdings Limited with approx 52.95% of shares.


Creat Group