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Notice of AGM and Posting of Proxies


Notice of AGM and Posting of Proxies 2019

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Secured Loan finalisation 04-Apr-2013

Announcement of Secured Loan Agreement with Creat Group



2nd April 2013

Creat Resources Holdings Limited

("CRHL" or "the Company")

Secured Loan Agreement with Creat Group



We refer to our announcement of 16th December 2011 whereby the Company announced a secured loan agreement (the “Loan”) with Creat Group, a major shareholder of CRHL.


We are pleased to announce that the final drawdown of AUD100,000 under the Loan has been made on 28th March 2013.  Details of all drawdowns are as follow.


Drawdown Date

Amount AUD

14th December 2011


7th February 2012


27th March 2012


16th May 2012


29th June 2012


31st July 2012


28th March 2013


Total AUD




For further information please visit or contact:

Creat Resources Holdings Limited


Tel: +61 3 6471 6228     

Morris R. Hansen, Company Secretary






Daniel Stewart & Company

Paul Shackleton


Tel: +44 20 77766550     

Emma Earl




About Creat Resources Holdings Limited

CRHL is an early stage mining exploration company holding 4 Exploration Licences and 3 Retention Licences covering 109 square kilometres around the mineral rich Zeehan area in western Tasmania. CRHL also has a strategy of acquiring assets in interesting resources companies that complement or supplement the Company's exploration activities. CRHL is a major shareholder of Galaxy Resources Limited ("Galaxy") with an interest of 6.43%. Galaxy is an Australian-based integrated lithium mining, chemicals and battery company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (Code: GXY) and is an S&P/ASX 300 Index Company. Galaxy plans to be one of the world's largest lithium carbonate producers and is positioning itself to be involved in every step of the lithium supply chain.

About Galaxy Resources Limited

Galaxy Resources Limited ("Galaxy") is a Western Australian S&P / ASX 300 Index company which plans to become one of the world's leading producers of lithium compounds - the essential component for powering the world's fast expanding fleet of hybrid and electric cars. Galaxy's Mt Cattlin mine aims to be the world's second largest producer of lithium mineral concentrate globally, and through the development of its 17,000 tpa lithium carbonate plant in Jiangsu province, Galaxy expects to be one of the largest and lowest cost lithium compound producers in China. Lithium compounds such as lithium carbonate are forecast to be in short supply against high future demand due to advances in long life batteries and sophisticated electronics including mobile phones and computers. Galaxy has positioned itself to meet this lithium future by not only mining the lithium, but also by downstream processing to supply lithium carbonate to the expanding Asian market.