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Notice of AGM and Posting of Proxies


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Trading Suspension 07-Apr-2014


07 April 2014

Creat Resources Holdings Limited

("CRHL" or "the Company")

Suspension of trading in CRHL shares on AIM


Following the Company becoming an Investing Company (as defined in the AIM Rules for Companies (the "AIM Rules")) on 4 April 2013 and as a result of the Company having not yet made an acquisition, or acquisitions, which constitute a reverse takeover under the AIM Rules or otherwise having implemented its Investing Policy by 4 April 2014, the Company's ordinary shares will be suspended from trading on AIM with effect from 0730 today ("Suspension"). If the Company's Investing Policy has not been implemented within 6 months of Suspension, then admission of the Company's ordinary shares to trading on AIM will be cancelled.


Although the Company has been actively assessing potential investments, and will continue to do so, none so far have either justified further consideration or have progressed to a suitably advanced stage of negotiation.


The Company will continue to seek and review potential investments on behalf of shareholders and will keep shareholders informed of material developments.


For further information please visit or contact:


Creat Resources Holdings Limited

Morris R. Hansen, Company Secretary: Tel +613 6471 6228


Daniel Stewart & Company

Emma Earl, Paul Shackleton: Tel +44 20 7776 6550